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This will give some force to the author, more we will have user, more we will take time to improve and feature MonoOSC,
feedback is a really good thing to know if we can continue to write a free and opensource software :-)

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At this time we are 58 users :

Date First name Last name Comment
2015-07-03 Thomas Gere Great work! Keep it up :) Maybe I'll write some review.
2014-09-14 Perry Oren great work. Enjoy
2014-09-12 christian galeffi Have a lot of fun!
2014-05-17 Pavel Ivanov
2013-03-30 E.J. Bevenour
2012-05-21 Stefano Canepa
2012-03-17 Андрей Ганьков Решил попробовать.
2012-03-11 christian galeffi
2011-12-15 Bas van den DIkkenberg
2011-12-07 Franz Bernasek
2011-12-01 Roger Luedecke
2011-11-30 Greg Freemyer
2011-10-26 Frank Bergmann
2011-09-09 Asura Lie wish mono will be better
2011-08-23 Raúl Zaradnik Me sumo al equipo, pero en castellano y muy poco inglés. Saludos a todos!!!!
2011-06-04 Onil J. Dionne I have never joined such a group of users through Novell before.
2011-05-29 xsser dirk
2011-04-04 Евгений Бендорф привет всем
2011-04-03 Eduardo Agreda
2011-03-08 Johannes Grumböck Hi,
2011-02-26 Dmitry Bogdanov Checking out if i can use monoosc to easily build and publish software at OBS
2010-11-10 Jumadi Simangunsong i would like to learn more about mono
2010-10-22 Yuriy Myronchuk
2010-08-13 muthukumar krishnan
2010-08-11 alex glez
2010-08-11 Sankar P
2010-07-23 rob lemely Thanks!
2010-07-22 suvarchal kumar Cheedela Checking out if i can use monoosc to easily build and publish software at OBS
2010-07-17 Alan Battersby Just tying out the opensuse build service
2010-07-13 Chris Weiner testing some stuff ;-)
2010-07-02 Jad N Thanks!
2010-04-27 ESTgarcia ESTgarcia YEAH LINUX
2010-04-09 Neil Stalker
2010-01-30 Mark DeYoung Just Trying it at this point.
2009-12-27 Federico Dughiero
2009-12-08 Claude Durocher Definitly too slow for my 6 year old computer :(
2009-12-07 Hans-Peter Jansen Evaluating...
2009-11-18 Marcello Ceschia
2009-11-14 Andrea Florio keep work hard
2009-10-09 Fridrich Strba This looks really nice, What about an installer msvs project :)
2009-10-04 Nitin Anand Great work dude!
2009-09-26 Dieter Klünter
2009-09-19 Matthew House Great Idea, this is just what openSUSE linux needs
2009-09-19 Malcolm Lewis
2009-09-17 Inge Svensson
2009-09-04 Jian Lee Try MonoOSC
2009-08-17 Thomas Pietrowski Please make that great software available in repos for ubuntu, too! Thanks!
2009-07-30 Francisco Figueiredo Jr. Invited by surfzoid
2009-07-29 Torello Querci Used to create some variariant of official package.
2009-07-23 Jan-Simon Möller
2009-07-19 Mariusz Fik
2009-07-19 Lance Haig
2009-07-10 Dave Plater
2009-06-17 Sascha Manns Invited from surfzoid
2009-06-15 Everaldo Canuto
2009-06-15 Raymond Wooninck I am trying to help Eric as much as I can to make MonoOSC the best product around for the openSUSE Build Service. :-)
2009-06-15 Eric Petit I am surfzoid, the author :-)

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