MonoOBSFramework and MonoOSC GUI
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Graphical user interface (GUI) and Framework

Graphical user interface (GUI) and Framework

MonoOSC a GUI to use MonoOBSFramework, a project to have a 100% C# acces of the API, more info can be find here (developpement in progress). 

A list of RPM for most common OS can be downloaded from  OpenSuse Build Service Repository.

MonoOSC is a project in two part, a library write in CSharp (C#) to use the OpenSuse Build Service (OBS) planed to propose at MonoDevelop team and a second part will be a nice GUI who use the library.

Developper who want to use the MonoOBSFramework, will find aviable documentation in HTML or CHM format.

The developement is in continue progress, you can folow it by reading news of the project.

MonoOSC use Mono/.Net technologie to provide a nice GUI to manage your
OpenSuse Build Service project,
The project can be found here .
My build repository on OBS .

What is OBS : Wiki and Use It!

What is a client for OBS (osc, MonoOSC, ...) .

This soft is at status beta, is able to create a new package, build it
by uploading spec and tar.bz2 file and folow the status.

I which you a good experiance with MonoOSC.

Also if you want to sign as official MonoOSC user, you are welcome and can do it here Logo